Chabad of Manaus
Phone: +55-92-3307-6255
Rua Rio Pauini 113(or 9)  between Para and J. Valerio. (Vieiralves neighborhood)
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> Visas
Visas are required for travelers holding an Australian, American, or Canadian passport amongst several other countries. Click on the following links for more information: American; Canadian; Australian
French, United Kingdom, Italian, Israeli, South African, and other South American passport holders are exempt from requiring the visa.

> Vaccination

As of May 2010, Brazil does not require a Vaccination Certificate for Yellow Fever or the medication Prophylaxis for Malaria in order to enter the country.

> Transportation
Taxi - are accessible and safe can be hailed in almost every neighborhood. However, make sure it is a Taxi that has a taxi company symbol such as, Tucuxi, Maceio, Tocantins etc. There is a set price of R$ 58 to the airport and to Hotel Tropical. 
Bus - There are many busses throughout the city. There are regular buses that are not airconditioned and smaller busses that are. There is a bus (306) that leaves from the airport and takes you to the center of the city.
Rental Car - Several local companies and international ones such as Avis and Hertz.
Boat – Several boats are at the port that travel to Santarem, Belem, and other cities. The tickets are generally purchased at the boat.

> Teatro Amazonas
This Opera House was built in 1896 and famous stars from all over the world have traveled here to perform and to watch performances. The eclectic style of the building is quite pleasant and memorable, with its lavish decor of crystal chandeliers, wrought-iron banisters, and Italian Frescoes. The theater seats 700 people.

> Meeting of the Rivers
For more than 200 years tourists have been venturing out to see this remarkable sight: The dark slow waters of the Rio Negro meet the faster muddy brown waters from the Rio Solimões, and because of differences in velocity, temperature, and salinity, the two rivers carry on side-by-side for miles, without mixing.

> Jungle Walking
This short trek through the Amazonian rainforest is a great way to experience the nearby jungles. Guides will introduce you to this beautiful landscape as you are immersed in the wild outdoors.

> Piranha Fishing
Piranhas are some of the deadliest animals on the planet. It is said that a group of piranha can eat a full-grown cow in under an hour. You have a chance to go fishing for this unique fish in the jungles of the Amazon.

> Alligator Spotting
At nighttime alligators, predators of the wild, will come out and search for prey. Your guide will catch a baby alligator and provide you with an interesting description of this unique animal.

> Swimming with the Dolphins
The Amazon River is also the home of one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet: the dolphin. Freshwater dolphins come right up to you and eat out of your hands. You can also jump into the water and these amazing animals will swim all around you.

> Visit the Lilly Pads
Hidden away in some of the most discreet parts of the Amazon are giant lily pads. Some grow to a diameter of 4 meters and are a very interesting sight when grouped together. The cruise through the jungle channel to where these lilly pads grow is also very memorable.

INPA offers you the chance to see that rarest specie of fresh water manatee, a friendly animal that is easily approachable by human beings. Manatees used to be killed for their fat, which was used in oil lamps during the boom in rubber production. The animal is a protected species today. The institute has a vast expanse of greenery that you can walk through and observe the flora and fauna of the region. The Science House at the INPA will give you an idea of how projects have been undertaken to preserve and protect the Amazon forests.  In addition on display is the world’s largest leaf in the world.

> More points of interest: Ponta Negra Beach • Praia da Ponta Negra • Bosque da ciencia • Hotel de Selva
Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira • Parque ecologico da Janauary

Hotels in walking distance to Beit Chabad:

Chez Les Rois (Bed & Breakfast) 5 minutes
92-3584- 3549

Edifício Adrianópolis Ap Serv – 5 minutes
92-2101- 2000

Mercure Manaus – 8 minutes

Quality Hotel Manaus – 10 minutes
92-3182 -0999

Blue Tree Hotel - 10 minutes  

Vieiralves Express - 20 minutes


Century Apart Service Hotel - 25 minutes

Hotel Intercity - 25 minutes