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In Operation Protective Edge one of the members of the Chabad community bought several boxes with snacks to distribute for the soldiers entering Gaza. When he got there, the soldiers looked at him and said: "We don't need chocolates and snacks, we need Tzitzit and Tehillem (Psalms). That is what we expect to receive from Chabad and the Jewish people."

This Shabbat our synagogue auctioned all the Aliyot and all the donations went to distribute Tzitzet to soldiers entering Gaza. One of our synagogue members is Major Rabbi Shraga Dahan of the IDF, who is arranging the distribution.

Each Tzitzit cost 16 NIS, and we managed to raise  NIS 2450 to distribute 150 Tzitzit. If you would like to join this project please send cash or check to Chabad Manaus (include a Comment- Tzitzit) who will coordinate sending the funds to Israel so the Tzitzit can be distributed. This is an active way that we can support and help protect are brothers in battle. Please continue saying Tehilim for their well-being.

May the message of the Haftara we read on Shabbos continue to be fulfilled:

"ואני הנה נתתיך היום לעיר מבצר ולעמוד ברזל ולחומות נחושת על כל הארץ... ונלחמו אלייך ולא יכלו לך כי אתך אני נאם ה' להצילך"

Moshe Raichman

Beit Shemesh - Israel 

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