The Chabad Synagogue in Manaus

The Hebrew word for prayer is Tefillah, which means "connection". One connects with G‑d through speaking to him; this is generally known as prayer. During Tefillah one should intend to actually talk to G‑d as if He were right there in front of you. Tell him of your problems, ask him for help, and thank Him for all that He gives. Read the words of the Siddur, identify with them, our prophets and sages, who knew the true meaning of life, wrote and showed us the way to connect to G‑d.

The Minyan

Minyan means “account” in Hebrew. When used in reference to prayer, it means the minimum number of men needed in order to say certain parts of the prayers. For example: Kaddish, Barechú, Kedusha, Torah reading, etc., are part of Tefillah that can only be performed if there is a minyan in the synagogue.

Why are they needed at least ten men to say certain prayers?

Because every human being is composed of two parts: the physical, and spiritual. When individuals come together in a room, the spirit of each one joins, and that spirituality is increased. There are certain prayers which are required in a higher level of spirituality, and when ten men get together, the spiritual presence then produces the high concentrated spiritual level. Women are permanently at that level, so the concept of minyan does not apply to them.

Join the Chabad Minyan

Monday Morning - 6:45 am 

Kabbalat Shabbat -7:00 pm
Shabbat  – Shacharit 9:30 am 

Chabad Manaus Location 

Rio Pauini 113 . Between Para (Criare Moveis) and J. Valerio (Fran's Cafe).

From Maceio - turn right onto J. Valerio and take the first left. The Chabad house is located on the right side (three houses from the corner).

From Djalma - Turn right on Rua Para (Gas station on corner). Turn left on Rio Pauini (the last street before Maceio). The Chabad house is locatedo on your left side.    


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