In the Image of G‑d
Our sages tell us that women and G‑d are very much alike. Just as G‑d creates the world so do women create lives in this world. Just as G‑d provides the world with all its needs so does a mother provide her childs needs. One could add, that just as G‑d has an eye on all of us, so do our mothers. It is they that continue the Jewish heritage, with the Jewish faith following the mother.

Complete Girl
“Now Abraham was old, well on in his years, and G‑d had blessed Abraham with everything (Bakol)” (Genesis 24:1).

The Talmud states that “everything” is defined as the birth of a baby girl. One may ask, “What association does ‘everything’ have to do with a girl?” The answer is everything! For from the birth of a baby girl to her eventual marriage she creates wholeness and completion. When she is born she makes a completion in the mitzvah placed on her father to “be fruitful and multiply”. This mitzvah can only be fulfilled when both a boy and girl are born. 

As she gets older and marries she creates wholeness in herself and in her husband. As the tradition is told, that Adam was created as both man and woman and then separated. Therefore each man and woman is only half a body. When she marries she is bonded with her missing half and now becomes complete.

The Talmud states that a Jewish girl is considered circumcised at birth (Avodah Zarah 27a). Therefore, her soul enters her body immediately and she needs a Jewish name. There are many customs on when to name her. Most customs partake of the father giving the name by the Torah Reading. Some say it is done at the first possible Torah reading while others say to it is done at the Shabbat Torah Reading. It is customary to have a festive meal after the baby naming.